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[EXCLUSIVE] Interview With The Painters Hero : Raphael Team At Korea Festival 2017 (Posted On: 21 Oct 2017 by Sarah)

Another great performance from painters hero at Korea Festival 2017. This time with Raphael team and also new paintings!

KOIN Media got a chance to had exclusive interview with them. Check this out!


1. Introduction

Hong Boram: Hi. I’m Hong Boram, drawing ‘tiger’ from The Painters HERO. Nice to see you all again!

Jang Euntae: Hi. I’m Jang Euntae, drawing ‘Guan Yu’.

Choi Wooseok: Hello. I’m Choi Wooseok, drawimg ‘Liu Bei’.

Jang Hanhim: Hello. I’m Jang Hanhim, drawing ‘Zhang Fei’. 


2.How do you feel to be in Jakarta again / How’s first experience in Jakarta?

Hong Boram: Well. As this is also my first time with my new team member, I feel like it’s pretty new to be here (Even though I’ve been here several times). Rest of my team members are visiting Jakarta for the first time, and they’re excited about it which makes me excited too.

Jang Euntae: I’ve been to Aceh, Indonesia as university student, part of volunteer work. That time I had Nasigoreng for the first time, and I’ve missed it since then. So even though it’s my second visit, I feel like I’me back to my second hometown haha.

Choi Wooseok: As this is my first time, I feel pretty new until now, but all Indonesians have bright energy and kind to the strangers like me, so I feel really happy and appreciate this moment now. I really mean it.

Jang Hanhim: I was worried before I came here, but like Wooseok said, Indonesians are so nice to us, so I feel comfortable and really enjoying my stay now. Also Indonesians are giving me beautiful impression. (Why am I worried ??) I have few experiences of going abroad, so I was worried about long hour flight and foods/weather which might not suit me. Also language barrier was concerned. However as I’ve said Indonesians are so nice, and I became to feel that all people share same thoghts or feelings despite language. Now I’m really relieved to be here. 


3. How new team Raphael gathered as one team/teamwork?

Hong Boram: I’m the leader of this team. This is my first time playing role as a leader so I had to undergo many concerns. Most of all, I thought communication between team members are important. Based on smooth communication, training and efforts can actually impact the quality of team performance. So since we gathered as one team, we even tried to spend most of the time, even personal time like having coffee, travelling together. In this way we get to know each other well, and influenced the team became now.  


4. How long did they take to practice ?

Jang Euntae: At least more than 5 days a week, for a month. From 10am to 7~9pm.

*Notes: As The Painters HERO has show directors to research new art material and sbject for the special performance, so actors have less contribution in selecting item. However, sharing actors experience to show directors actually help developing for the future performance. 


5. Most memorable show in aborad?

Jang Hanhim: I’ve been to only few countries, like Vietnam(Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh), Japan(Osaka) and now I’m here in Indonesia. For me, Indonesia will be the most memorable country for ever more, as fans really like us.

Choi Wooseok: I also have less experience in abroad, but definitely this experience in Jakarta, will be the most memorable for me. I feel like I can’t think of other countries’ expereince, as I’m quite shocked how fans are cheering and supporting for us. I feel really happy when I see happy faces of audiences on stage.

Jang Euntae: I’ve been to Japan, Vietnam and China but this time in Jakarta was really nice as I gained lots of positive energy from audience when having eye contact. Before I might have considered performing as work, but here I’m really enjoying myself. I’m really healed by audiences.

Hong Boram: I’ve been to many countries so far, and what I’ve noticed is that fans around the world have different ways of showing their support or interest. Among all, Jakarta fans are constantly and passionately support us so I gain lost of energy from the show. Whenever I come, I’m also healed by audiences. 


6. Among painting techniques, which one is the most difficult ?

Hong Boram: Without any doubt, I would say ‘tiger’ is difficult. As it’s my main solo scene, so I have the most affection but at the same time it’s the most difficult. As time goes by I’m really eager to have more speed and have precise completion. It’s like my love and hate at the same time.

Jang Euntae: For Jakarta’s show, I’ve practiced ‘white tiger’ for a month. It’s a such a huge painting but I have to draw at close distance, so it was hard to draw. Also I had to work out for muscles at the same time. Unfortunately, Indonesia has many delicious food so it was hard to keep the shape during the stay haha.

Choi Wooseok: I would say ‘Action Painting’ scene, which is drawn by each 4 actors and combine as one large painting at the end. Especially this time, we had much color(expecially my part used 12 colors) to use and we had to express different brush stroke. Also choreograpy should have been combined so we had to spend the most time on it.

Jang Hanhim: Dust drawing which has turns and twist is the most difficult for me. I might confuse some time, where to draw, and sand issue is also another problem, which I cannot control. Despite my training time, it’s always concerning part for me. 


7. Fans are interested even without make-up, How do you feel about that? ^^

All members: We all appreciate everyone’s interst for us. We feel sorry that we cannot take picture with every songle one of you, due to next schedule, or we might block the way, but basically we really appreciate it. We don’t care if they take photo of us with make-up or without make-up. (Don’t follow us on toilet though! Joking haha) :p


8. Does it an improve when a member taking off shirt?

Jang Euntae : Each team has position of taking off their shirt, which creates charismatic atmosphere. To maintain my body shape I do self training at home. 


9. Hope for the future performance ?

Jang Hanhim: I personally think that ways of processing art piece is interesting but it might get bored sometimes. So I want to get rid of zone of getting bored, and play more with audiences on stage.

Hong Boram: I wanna be more skilled drawing performer and perform around the world, having more connection with diverse people. And of course, I would love to visit Jakarta again soon.

Jang Euntae: As an actor, I would like to deliever emotional feelings to audience, especially happiness. Happy virus!

Choi Wooseok: Until I die, I wish I could do the thing I love and I feel happy about it. I guess I’m actually on the way of whom I want to become of. 


10. Chance/wish to comeback to Indonesia ?

All members: Of course! We would love to!

Hong Boram: I also want to visit Indonesia as vacation destination so I can enjoy here the most. 


Terima kasih!!! 


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